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We develop sustainable projects based on a Social Physics (People), a Building Physics (Building) and an Urban Physics (City) approach.

Social Physics

This field studies the way human social networks spread ideas and transforms those ideas into behaviors. It gives insight on how humans interact with the virtual and concrete world. Social physics is based on statistical methods.

Building Physics

Building services, applied physics and building construction engineering are combined in order to investigate the energy efficiency of old and new buildings. This discipline allows the construction and renovation of high performance and energy efficient buildings, while minimizing their environmental impact.

Urban Physics

By identifying, analyzing and evaluating the urban physics problems, based on the urban physics parameters wind, solar radiation and rain, the urban environment quality is studied. The performance indicators of the urban environment are wind comfort and wind safety around buildings, weathering by wind-driven rain and the urban heat island effect.


A customized solution created by a multidisciplinary background and point of view.

Urban Physics

Wind Comfort and Nuisance

Green Building Services

Energy Efficiency and Leed Certification

Architecture and Design

Building and Industrial Design

Urban Dynamic and Planning

Green Cities and Smart Mobility

Building Aerodynamics

Wind Energy and Ventilation

Project Management

Project and Construction Management


We believe in a non-stopped learning process!. So, our solutions are based on a scientific approach.

  • 2002-2010

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started our experience by providing simple and practical solutions to the most complex problems!

  • March 2010

    Continuous Development

    We have lived in different environments (countries) that allowed us to better understand the relation between technology and social-economic system. The most inovative solution always has to overcome the limitations of a short-term system.

  • June 2015

    Transition to Full Service

    Is the period to work together in a collaborative maner!

  • December 2015

    Phase To Expansion

    We are waiting for you!

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Our Collaborative Team

and organizational structure brings together professionals from various fields and provides interdisciplinary discussion that ends up with innovative and customized solutions.

Dr. Williams Gonzales Mamani

Lead Manager

Dr. Jorge Isaac Perén Montero

Lead Integrator


Lead Innovation


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We are looking forward to serve you and work together!. Panamá: (507) 832 7457 / jiperen@arquiteturabioclimatica.com